Thursday, April 11, 2013

why i organized the scrapbook room and vbs {a scrapbook layout}

My scrapbook room has been a mess. A big giant, unable to move around or do anything in it, mess. I finally decided to something about it a couple of weeks ago. I took all of my patterned paper and cardstock out and reorganized it into closed containers. Ah. So much nicer. Only problem was every time I tried to get paper out it was a NIGHTMARE.
So last week, I decided to re-reorganize all of paper vertically. But while I was doing it, I realized I had an enormous amount of cardstock. Like enough cardstock to open my own store. So I ruthlessly boxed a giant stash of it and listed it for sale over on Two Peas. It felt really good to only have the colors I'll actually use on hand. I should probably do the dame thing with my patterned paper!
I also came up with a brilliant idea for storing all of my Thickers. (My 100+ collection of Thickers.) I'll share that tomorrow, along with photos of the newly organized scrap room.
All that being said-I can actually work in there now.
I think I've used this sketch about 30 times in the past couple of months but I just love the clean and simple look.

You can't really tell but the title is pop-dotted up for dimension and I've added the name our church with smaller alphabet stickers.

I love this little cluster of brads with the journal card from Elle's Studio.

I'll be back tomorrow with photos of my space and my new Thickers storage!


  1. Love this layout! And I can't wait to see your scrapbook room make over :)

  2. Love seeing everyone's scraprooms, so will be looking forward to that post! :)
    I love that simple design as well.
    It gets a lot of photos on the page, but doesn't look cluttered!
    I say if it works, use it over and over again! :)