Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sticker storage {a product review}

i have a problem. i buy stickers. a lot of stickers. i buy them when they are on clearance or on a closeout at big lots or tj maxx but i have a lot of stickers. seriously. it's ridiculous.
i've struggled with a storage solution for my sticker sheets. i tried a homemade clip it up. {took up too much room.} then i tried a drawer in my jet max cube storage area. {since they were tucked away, i totally forgot about them and they never got used.} my last solution was a cropper hopper paper organizer. {again, tucked away, and forgotten.}
my poor neglected sticker stash. i have a goal this year to USE MY STASH. especially stuff that been around for 5+ years.
when i saw this cropper hopper sticker stadium storage tool, i thought i'd give it a try. i got mine at archivers with a 30% off coupon. less than $10 and suddenly i had the sticker storage solution i'd been looking for!
my stickers are organized in one compact place, that is visible and easy to access. {and it's pretty stinking cute.}
here's what it looks like with my sticker stash loaded inside:
and here's a side view:

love it!!! i'm probably going to get at least 2 more. one for rub-ons and another to divide these stickers out a little better.

in other news, my lss is closing. :( i stopped in on my lunch break today and everything was 60% off. she carries a ton of bella blvd, which is my absolute favorite paper company. i got the complete lines of making the team, finally fall, too cute to spook, mr boy, and family dynamix {in addition to a few other random papers} for less than $30. what?!?
so flipping excited. can't wait to play with these papers this weekend!


  1. You are so lucky!! Well, kind of. I am ever-so-slightly jealous of the awesome deals you got on all that Bella Blvd, but I'm sad your LSS is closing. I hate when that happens, and it's happened around my area A LOT! Can't wait to see your creations!

    I also like your sticker storage! I keep all my Doodlebug, KI Memories, Echo Park & Bella with their collections, the rest I have in a medium-size, tall mesh bin that I can flip through. It has been working for me, and I can see what I have so much easier! :) Have fun!

  2. That looks like a very handy sticker storage item! Sounds like you got some great deals, though I'm also sad about your LSS closing. I love mine--but I know it's been a really slow month for her and I always worry!

  3. I love the sticker storage! I've been struggling with it for a while, but am using something similar (although mine is supposed to be a tote to carry to crops, and not nearly as thin!) but I love it. I find i'm using tons of stickers now!

    That is so sad about your lss. I've never had one before, there just haven't been any where I've lived, but whenever I visit an area near one I always go. Its so sad when they close, but on the bright side, you did get a great deal on some wonderful paper lines!

  4. What a great idea for sticker storage! Hope it confines to work out for you!! Sorry about your LSS, but total score on the paper!

  5. What an awesome storage keeper for your stickers. i need to head down to archivers to pick up 2 paper holders. what scrapstore closed? did you ever go to scrap paper scissors on fields ertle? i know they are closing. what agreat bargin!!!! those are some of my favorite lines

  6. I love love love stickers too. I use a regular clip it up a lot. It this looks like a good solution too.