Friday, April 12, 2013

a peek into my scrap area {scrapbook room reveal}

When I first moved my scrap area into the basement, I had a ton of Jet Max cubes-which were great but I really wanted an Expedit unit from Ikea. So I watched craigslist for months, just waiting for my perfect shelving unit at the perfect price to appear.
And then last year, just before Christmas {as if it were a present, just for me}, the listing appeared. My Expedit unit for just $50. Oh boy. I couldn't call fast enough. After borrowing a truck and sweet-talking my husband into dis-assembling it to carry down to the basement, and re-assembling it, it was mine! And it was perfect!
No, I still don't have carpet but I have an area rug! Yay!

I still have my awesome antique desk that I refinished.

Back over to the Expedit-which holds a ton...

It holds all of my patterned paper, cardstock, stamps, current magazine issues & idea books, and all of my albums. Wow.


A third of my albums

I love that I can use the top shelf to display some favorite family photos and pretty scrappy supplies.

I'm sure you are wondering what's in the blue bowls, right?!? Washi tape. Lots of washi tape. LOL.

All of my Thickers are now stored in these document boxes from JoAnn's-they fit perfect!
Yes, three boxes of Thickers-I have a problem!
 Here's what it looks like when you open the boxes:

I have them organized by color. :)

That's a little sneak into my scrap area. Some day I'll have carpet and a TV....ohhhh I'd love a TV. Until then, my iPad works just fine. 
If you have any questions-feel free to leave a comment.
Have a great weekend friends!


  1. It Looks Awesome! What An Amazing Deal!!!!!

  2. Looks great! And you goy a great deal on the shelves!!

  3. This looks awesome! I love the book case, and you got an amazing deal! The thickers storage is just fabulous, organizing by color is my favorite way too :)

  4. Your scraproom is fantastic and an Expedit is definitely in my future! I have just moved and my biggest goal in this move is to not start scrapping on my dining table - going to try to reserve that exclusively for eating - we will see how that goes!