Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scrapbook Room Revealed and Ribbon Storage Idea

Well, here it is-- the unveiling of the scrapbook room. Before you see the pictures, please keep in mind, I have no flooring down (no carpet or rugs-that will happen after the next tax return-maybe!), and I haven't had a chance to decorate just yet. Once I get everything decorated and the flooring down I'll take some more pictures, but this is what I am working with for now.
View from doorway
 I have a good amount of space in the room-on one wall is my huge built-in bookcase and the newly refinished antique desk and on the other is my JetMax cubes with my paper storage. The end wall has my Making Memories embellishment cabinet and opens up into a storage room. The opposite wall (that you can't see) is blank and has an extra chair propped against it right now for when one of the boys come down to visit with me.
Paper storage

All of my paper storage is in Jet Max cubes. These were purchased one at a time, over time with 40 and 50% off coupons at Michael's, and on clearance at Target. I'd like to eventually get about 3 more. I have 2 for 12 x 12 patterned paper and one for 12 x 12 cardstock. All of my Thickers, letters stickers, dimensional stickers, and sticker sheets are in the drawers. All of my 6x6 pads, mat stacks, etc. are in the open top cubes. Albums are lined up on top. My Cuttlebug is acting as a bookend. :) My most recent magazine issue are in magazine holders on the shelves to the left. The back issues are stored in the built-in bookcase.
Built-in Bookcase
This built-in bookcase was designed and built by my Dad. It was originally created to be used as my sons' playroom-which is way it isn't quite big enough for 12 x12 albums. But it is perfect for my HUGE magazine and idea book collection! It also stores old year ooks, photo albums, memory dock photo storage cases, and much more! Love it!
My Labor of Love
Ah....my desk. My labor of love. I worked so hard to bring this back to life. You can see what she used to look like here on my family blog. It turned out even better then I had hoped. So much room to work. My Making Memories tool caddy sits on top along with my ribbon storage (which we'll get to in a minute). I lined smaller Jet Max shelves along the top with things I use most often like like pens, markers, inks, adhesives, etc. In the drawers are a treasure trove of supplies-punches, Cuttlebug folders, stamps, all hidden away. I also have (not shown) two wood butcher blocks that pull out (like a lawyer might have to sign papers) for even more space to work. Awesome.
This desk is a dream-holds so much stuff!
That glass fishbowl you see sitting in the upper left corner of my desk holds my ribbon collection. I had no idea how much ribbon I had until I started moving my things. I think when things are out of sight, they are out of mind and just don't get used. And that was definitely the case with my ribbon stash. 
I was brainstorming ideas to get them onto my desk but not taking up a ton of space when I saw these baby wood clothespins at Michaels. I used my 50% off coupon to get 50 of them for less than $2 ( I had to go back and buy another pack a day later-I have a lot of ribbon). We had the glass fishbowl on hand from Chuck and the boys' adventures in fishkeeping. I just wrapped each ribbon around the clothespin and threw it into the bowl. I love that it adds a touch of color and is very functional. For about $4, I have all of my ribbon neatly organized and displayed where I will actually use it! Love it!

So there it is, my new scrap room. It still needs a little bit of work but I am very excited to have my own space to work in.


  1. Oh Christina! This is so awesome! I had my own scrapbook room at our previous house (my husband had a door cut into our unused cistern). It was never this organized, but it was so nice. Now I have nothing but a short table, piled with scrapbook and misc. stuff that has not been organized since we moved in. Had a child, and nothing else got done! I have scrapbook room envy! Enjoy!!

  2. WOW! What a great and organized space :)