Wednesday, November 14, 2012

just a dusting {a scrapbook layout}

We didn't get very much snow last year. We live in Southern Ohio, so we expect at least 2-3 decent snows. But last year? I think we got maybe an inch total. So sad.
It's hard to build snowmen or forts with just a dusting-but the boys got out there and gave it a try.

 I used Bella Blvd paper and embellies, Thickers, and some bling that have been in my stash for about 4 years!

Side A:

Side B:

Embellie Tags:

Here's to hoping we get more than a dusting this year! :)


  1. Beautiful layout and the boys look like they are making the best of the little snow that you got. I am in TX so know all about little to no snow fall. Have a wonderful day!

  2. love it!! i have pretty much the same layout from last year!! i sooooo hope we get some snow days this year!!

  3. We only got a dusting here in upstate NY too. Looks like the boys had fun anyway. Love the banner stickers lined up and the fun "snowflakes".

  4. What a cute layout! I love those little tags on the side. We only got a dusting too, but after getting pounded the two years prior, it was a welcome relief!

  5. At least the boys look like they had a great time in the dusting on snow! I love the tags on the side!

    I hope you get a lot more snow this year! I excepted we'd get a ton of snow when we moved to Chicago last year, but the winter wasn't too bad at all. And this year, everyone at home on Long Island got snow already and we didn't! I love snow, so I'm hoping we get a lot this year - before we move to Baton Rouge, where I'm sure there is none!

  6. What a sweet layout. It looks like the boys were enjoying the snow inspite of the fact there wasn't a lot of it. I know what you mean - in Southern Ontario last winter we also got very little. I missed it.