Friday, November 9, 2012

Have You Mailed Your Christmas Cards Yet?

No, me either.
Haven't even taken the photos yet.

My friend, Kristina, can help us though....

She's a finalist in the Becky Higgin's Holiday Card contest!!! What????

Now I need to ask you a super quick favor – if you could, would you go to Becky’s Facebook page HERE and click on the post with the Top 25 card submissions and vote for hers? This is her design:

So if you could scroll through until you see hers and click LIKE that would be awesome! Plus if she wins, we get to use her design on our cards for free-sweeeeet!

1 comment:

  1. We definitely didn't send out our cards yet! We sent the save the dates out today and that was enough card mailing for one month! (I'll share them after Thanksgiving - just to make sure that every one in our family and wedding party got them first!)

    I love Becky's card though! Isn't it so nice that she lets you use the one that wins for free?! I think that is so cool.