Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scrapbook Crop Night

I am super excited. I am going to a scrapbook crop night tomorrow night. Cropping for 6 hours with my girlfriends! Woo-hoo! If you've never been to a scrapbook crop, I highly recommend it. Crops are usually held at local scrapbook stores, libraries, churches, or hotels. (Somewhere that has enough space to accomodate large tables where you can spread out your gear.) Generally, the location you are at allows you to use their dies, trimmers, punches and other non-consumable items. However, you need to bring your own paper, photos, pens/markers, adhesive, etc.
You can get a lot accomplished at a crop night, if you go in with a plan. I typically start preparing for a crop night about a week prior. Here are my steps:
  • Look at my list of scrapbook layouts to do and decide which ones I'll work on that night.
  • Gather all of the photos for layouts and organize (or have them printed in the correct sizes if that is not already done-I'll share my easy photo organization system in another post). 
  • Begin selecting cardstock and patterned paper to go with the layouts.
  • Find the embellishments, stickers and ribbon that will add finishing touches (I do not include small embellies-buttons, brads, etc-that's a different step).
  • Organize each layout's items behind dividers in my Crop in Style paper taker.
  • Look at my button and brad organizer and make sure it is stocked with colors to compliment my layouts.
  • Pack it all up in my Crop In Style tote.
  • Check my crop tote and make sure it is restocked with adhesive and writing tools.
  • Ready to go!

My crop tote is always stocked with my basic scrapbook tool kit:
-12" Trimmer, I use this one:
-Adhesive, I like Duck adhesive and I just discovered this American Crafts adhesive-which I am loving:

-My file set:
-Scissors, I really like Cutterbee Scissors, they are super sharp and non-stick:
-A zero centering  see through ruler, these are great for lining up letter stickers and placing titles:
-Pens/Markers-I use Zig writers, but any acid-free writing tool will do.

-Self healing Cutting Mat, this is optional, but I'm a messy scrapper-I use a Martha Stewart Mat:
Optional: I also bring my Creative Memories cutting tools, adhesive pop dots, twine, corner rounder, paper piercer, and Crop-a-dile. Some might say that I overpack. :)

Last but not least, don't forget your cup with a lid! Nothing is worse than working hard on a layout and then ruining it when you knock over that can of Coke!
This was my favorite mug (Chatterbox Scrapaholic), sadly it is no longer available. I am desprately searching for a new one-let me know if you see one.
Have fun!!!

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