Monday, August 30, 2010

I Love A Good Collage

Ah....collages. What a wonderful way to cram a ton of photos onto one layout without trimming and cutting and resizing.
But, if you are like me....grrrrr....collages.
Photoshop Elements and I are not friends. At all. All of the online tutorials make it seem so easy. "Just click this layer and drag this here and blah blah blah...."  I was able to do one collage in PSE for this layout of Glenwood Gardens:
Supplies: Bazzill cardstock, Basic Grey paper, AC flair, AC Thickers alpha stickers
That little collage on the 2nd page there? Took me 2 hours to do. Oh my heck. I was so burnt out after doing it that I can't even look at this layout without thinking of the stress. (Thus the lone embellishment.)
Poor little lonely embellie...
I thought collages were too much work and that we'd have to break up. ("It's not you, Collage, it's me...")
And then I found this website: Big Huge Labs. The Mosiac Maker is a life saver. Completely idiot proof. Love it so much.
Created this layout:
Supplies:Bazzill cardstock, Basic Grey paper (again? I must have a BG addiction), AC Thickers alpha stickers
Makes me so happy to be able to add all of these pics without stressing out.
Literally, took me 5 minutes to create that collage. Ah....sweet, sweet simplicity. Yup, I love a good collage.


  1. What are your thoughts about using collage in Picasa? I'm guessing you're using it to post to your blog (and since I stole the idea from you for my blog too ;-) ). What's the difference between Picasa and Big Huge Labs?

  2. I actually use Big Huge Labs to make all of my collages, even the ones you see on my blog. Mosiac Maker turns the collage into a jpg which I upload like I would any picture. Super, super easy!
    I've never really played around in Picasa to be honest.

  3. Thanks for the tip Christina. I use Picasa a lot, but I found that you can make your Mosaic look the way you want it with the amount of photos you have with Big Huge Labs, where you can't do that with Picasa - you have set forms you can use.