Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Journaling's The Thing...

I have to admit, I'm not as good with journaling as I should be. More often than not, I will work on layouts at a crop night and put a sticky note that says "needs journaling". And then the layout sits in the same page protector with the same sticky note for who knows how long.
But here's the thing, I really truly believe that journaling is one of the most important aspects of scrapbooking and memory-keeping. It is the reason I started this hobby-to tell a story with words and pictures. So I am recommitting myself to making sure the journaling gets done.
As you can see, the journaling is a HUGE part of these next couple of  layouts. Without it, the pictures don't always make sense.
Supplies: Bazzill cardstock, AC Thickers letter stickers, Stampin' Up cardstock (white), CTMH ink
The picture shows Jackson in a Batman outfit. Is he playing dress-up? Getting ready for Halloween? What is he doing? Well, the journaling goes on to explain Jackson's habit of wanting to be called by a character's name.

The picture is cute...but without the journaling, this story might have been lost.

On this next layout, you could probably tell that the kids and Chuck went to some college basketball games.
Supplies: Bazzill cardstock, Stampin' Up cardstock (white), Kentucky emblem-Kat's Pause bookstore
But would you know about the undying passion that the men in this family have for Kentucky basketball?
Didn't think so!
If Shakespeare were a scrapbooker, I believe he would have said, "The journaling's the thing...that will tell the story."


  1. Cute layouts! I love how you did the journaling on the superhero one!

  2. I agree, if not for the journaling, it's just another cute photo! Where in K are you?

  3. Love your years to come the journaling will be what you relish as they tell the story behind the photos! I have the same habit you do....wait on the journaling...then I wait too long and don't really remember all the details I wanted to share. Your thoughts are a great reminder!