Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets...

I have a few confessions to make.
1) I am so far behind with scrapbooking my family's memories sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed. I have 12 years (YEARS!) worth of photos, all neatly organized and labeled by date in photo boxes on shelves in my scrapbook room. Just looking at them freaks me out. I need to scrapbook them all but between raising my family, working full time and being a half way decent wife I've only gotten to about 15% of them. And let me tell you that other 85%? They mock me! Every. time. I look at them!

2) Sometimes I don't feel creative. Sometimes I don't want to do a sketch. Sometimes I don't want to choose paper, sticker, embellishments or anything. Sometimes I just want to crank out layouts as fast as I can and get through some of those 12 years of photos.

3) Here's the big dirty secret...sometimes I use kits. Not a kit club where you still have to be creative. But those predesigned Creating Keepsakes Hall Of Fame/KOTM kits. Where all you do is follow the instructions and glue pictures where they tell you too. I know! I can't believe I'm even admitting that. But you know what? Those pictures on those layouts created from the kits? They aren't in boxes anymore. They are in an album or in a frame where my family can enjoy them.
Created from a CK Hall of Fame kit-those pictures are from 2002!

Whew. I feel better having shared that.
Of course, I still love creating my OWN layouts too.
Supplies: Bazzill Cardstock, Jolee's sticker, AC rub-ons, Silhouette die-cut machine

Check back later this week when I'll share more of those...and I'll share my process for creating page kits for a crop night.

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  1. I whatever it takes to get your memories on papers so that 50 years from now, your grandkids are reading them! Great tip to share!

    I sometimes use the same template from Cathy Zielske...I print out about 5 of them at a time. And if I were to put them all together in a line, they don't look all that similar, only I would recognize them as the same template.