Tuesday, December 18, 2012

you are my sunshine {a scrapbook layout}

Wow. This has been the busiest December ever for us. It seems like we have something scheduled for every single night of the week and our weekends are packed too. {at least my Holiday mini won't be boring this year!}
Just wanted to pop in here and share a quick layout-my posts might be a little short the next couple of weeks but I'll try to pop in a least once or twice a week to share.
Today's layout is a fun one! I captured this silly photo of the twins horsing around at a festival that we went to this summer. It looked like they were almost hugging or holding onto each other because they cared about each other; when in fact, they were wrestling over a frisbe. I couldn't help having some fun with it. :)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOVE this layout!! So eye-catching!

  2. I love this layout! The sun beams are awesome!

    That is great that your December is busy! Its such a fun time of year to be busy!

  3. What an awesome layout! I love that sunburst!! I know exactly what you mean about a busy month. It's been crazy around here too. Feel like I'm meeting myself coming and going :)

  4. That starburst is amazing! Would you mind giving some pointers on how you did it?

  5. great layout. love the bright colours against the navy background