Thursday, December 20, 2012

balloon fest {a scrapbook layout} and project life 2013

Hello again! I'm getting pretty excited to finish my holiday mini-I've been keeping up with photos and my post-it notes. At the end of the month, I'll get everything printed out and put it all together. I think this one might just be my favorite one to date!
I'm also getting super excited to start Project Life in 2013. I have so many ideas of how I want to approach it-I know I won't be doing a photo a day but taking it more of a week in the life-lots of iPhone photos and pieces of our daily life-notes from work & school, that type of thing. I got my core kit in the mail and I couldn't wait to start playing with it. This is the base for my title page-still lots of work to do (add photos, etc) but I love the colors of this kit!!!

Also wanted to share a quick two page layout I did of our trip to the Mid America balloon festival this summer. We've gone to the balloon festival the past 3 years and love it-it's such a fun way to spend a summer evening.

The rich primary colors in the balloons led me to pull out the Simple Stories chevron patterned paper and yellow cardstock. You probably can't tell from the photo but each letter in my layout title is pop-dotted, so that it has a little dimension. I just love this event!
Are you tackling project life in 2013? If so, link up in the comments-I'd love to follow along on your journey-I'll be sharing mine throughout the year next year!


  1. i did project life for 10 months in 2012 and then i poopped out-- just was was too overwhelmed with my dt work and then pl and then just life!!! i am rethinking for 2013 -- i think i am going to do do it but a much smaller scaled down version-- i tried a photo a day and just couldn't do it!!

    super layout! love those balloons

  2. Great shots for your balloon layout!

    I am on the fence about PL for 2013. I really want to try it but for some reason start to feel overwhelmed. I was going to do it this year and just never seemed to get the motivation. But if I do it, I would probably do a weekly one page spread as well :)

  3. I love the balloon layout! It looks awesome!

    I will be doing Project Life this year (well finishing my 25th year until May, then jumping into 2013 until December). I do a weekly spread too, instead of a photo a day - that just ins't feasible for me!

  4. I love, love, love the balloon layout - the colors are beautiful! I have already started jotting notes down for PL....I have decided that I am going to a few pages of things that happened in 2012 and then hopefully dive right in to 2013. I am very excited, but honestly a little intimidated as well. If the new editions don't come out soon, I am going to have to rethink my choice and go for something else - the last thing I need to do is get behind! I can't wait to see your pages!

  5. Christina your title page looks awesome!! Love it :) I'm finishing up 2012 and ready for 2013!!! Great two page layout, love the colors.

  6. Wow! Your photos are fabulous! Love the layout too!