Wednesday, August 31, 2011

alien clones {a scrapbook layout using a kit}

Thanks so much for all of the kind comments on my last post. The Disney project was definitely a labor of love, but so worth it!
I also had someone ask a few posts back where I got my black clipboard that I use sometimes to photograph my layouts. I got that in a Creating Keepsakes Kit of The Month waaaaaay back in 2007. {I tried to find a link to the actual kit and that was the closest I could find.}  I haven't seen it available anywhere since then-maybe a Pea will be selling theirs? I do love my clipboard though, and I did put together every one of those layouts from the kit. {Which reminds me-I need to add pictures to those!!}

Since we are going back in time, I thought I'd share a layout from Halloween 2006. Because we are starting to think about Halloween at our house. In fact, a certain little almost 3 year old's costume is already purchased and hanging in my closet. {And oh for the love of cute, it's adorable, can't wait to share the layout of that!!} And oddly enough, I purchased one of the twins' costumes back in April, so I'm 50% done. Go me!

I've chosen to put all of my Halloween layouts in one album, and I love looking through it and seeing how the boys have grown through the years. I only have one year left to go before I'm totally caught up on Halloween . {2007 photos, where are you??}

In 2006, we were in year one of Power Rangers costumes. The following year, Jarron was also a Power Ranger but a different style Rangers. It's funny because when I got these pictures back, they looked more like Aliens than Power Rangers. Even Jackson as a Dragon looked like an Alien. And my nephew as a GhostBuster, looked more like an alien hunter.Which is why the title is "Alien Clones".

You don't believe me? Take a closer look...

Yup, Aliens alright! And that pumpkin decoration? Yeah, still working 5 years later-not bad for something we picked up at Big Lots for $5! :)

Supplies: Cardstock-Bazzill, Patterned Paper and Embellishments-Zany Zinnia Rocket Man Kit, Letter Stickers-American Crafts


  1. Those Power Rangers DO look like aliens!!! Kudos to you for being halfway done with Halloween costumes! We bought our four year olds this weekend, but the nine year old is the one that will be difficult :)

  2. oh my gosh i had that kit!!!!

    great layout!