Friday, April 8, 2011

The One With A Family Layout

As I was in the backyard last night playing with my boys I was thinking, "Wow. I can't believe these are my kids. I am a momma of four boys, how did that happen?!?".

This layout features our very first picture as a family of six. It was taken Thanksgiving weekend 2008. Moosey was about 2 months old. I hadn't gone back to work from maternity leave yet and I was loving every minute of being home with those boys. He's so tiny in these pictures. It's hard for me to see the 2 year old he'll become in these pictures. Even the twins are so small to me here. Boy, how quickly time flies. I can remember taking these pictures. How cold it was. How the ground was pretty soggy from the rain the week before. How the boys fought over who would hold the baby in the shots of just the kids.
When I see this layout and these memories come flooding back, I am so very thankful I scrapbook. So thankful for this hobby.
{I also realized that I wanted to add some journaling to this, just need to decide where!}

Supplies: Kraft cardstock (Archivers), Patterned Paper CTMH Serendipity line, flower embellishments (unknown), bling embellishment (MAMBI)

Wish I knew where I got those flowers-love them.
 Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The One with An Award {You Like Me, You Really Like Me!}

Thanks so much for the nice comments I've gotten about returning to the blog world! It's nice to be back! :)
And many thanks to Sharla for this fun award:

Not sure how "versatile" I am but it's an award and I'll take it! :)
Now the rules for this award are as follows:

1.) Thank the person who gave it to you {Done}
2.) 7 things about yourself {See Below}
3.) Send it to 15 other bloggers
4.) Leave a comment so they can pass along the recognition
 Seven things about me...
1) My family is the most important thing in the world to me.
2) I'm really messy when I craft. I'm the worst person to sit by at a crop. I spread out and have paper everywhere. But I'm also a lot of fun and tell really funny stories, so maybe that makes up for it?
My desk in action-so messy.
3) I really want to run a half marathon before I turn 40. Considering I can barely walk a 5K this dream seems pretty far off.
4) Sometimes when I cook dinner, in my head, I pretend I am on Top Chef. Does anyone else do this? I can't be the only one.
5) I love a good blue/brown color combo and use it a lot in my layouts and my clothes.
6) If you were to look at my Twitter feed you'd get a good snapshot at the things I'm interested in: scapbooking, religion/faith, family, TV shows (Chuck, Psych), and stormchasing? How did that get in there? But yeah, I'm kind of fascinated by weather.
7) I married my high school sweetheart. We've been together since I was 16 years old. This year will be our 13th anniversary and our 18th year together. That's a crazy long time. I'm a lucky girl!

I don't think I know 15 other bloggers that haven't gotten this award so, here's a few that I am currently reading and enjoying:
A Matter of Memories
ScrappnBee the Scapbooker
And So I Don't Forget -I just found her courtesy of Two Peas and I love her scrapbooking style!!
Siehled with A Kiss-A fellow Ohioan! :)

Ummm, that's only four, I'm so lame sometimes. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

The One Where I Ask You to Go Vote and Moosey Grows Up!

I love fabric. Which is funny, because I can't sew at all. But I love walking through Jo-Ann's looking at all the beautiful fabrics, imagining them to be patterned papers in my scrapbook albums.
But what if the opposite were true? What if one of your favorite designers for patterned paper could design fabric too?

That just might happen for one of my favorites-Crystal Wilkerson, with your help. Head on over to her blog HERE. She has all the details of a contest she is in to become a fabric designer! While you are there, check out her amazing digital papers-I love her stuff, she makes me wish I was a digi-scrapper.

She also happens to be the designer of my current favorite kit that I FINALLY picked up a couple of weeks ago and will be playing with this weekend:
So, so excited to have this!!

And because I feel like I should be sharing at least one layout, look who moved up to the big boy class at church recently:

Moosey is not a baby any more. :(  I can't believe my last baby is in the 2 year olds room already. So not ready for that!

This single page layout uses: Cosmo Cricket patterned paper, ki Memories lace numbers cardstock, a Martha Stewart journal card, and some AC thickers.
Have an awesome weekend!