Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Altered Pink ATG Gun

The scrapbooking universe has been all atwitter over sightings of the pink ATG gun. If you are wondering what an ATG gun is, it stands for Advanced Tape Glider (or Adhesive Tape Gun-I've heard it both ways). It is a tool that was initially used by picture framers to mat photos and prints for framing. But as scrapbookers tend to do, we adapted it for use in scrapbooking.
Why do we love it? A roll of adhesive for the ATG is relatively inexpensive, acid free, and lasts FOREVER. No joke, it's like the never ending supply of glue.
So what's the big deal about the pink ATG gun? Well, for starters it's the first time they've been broadly available in retail stores, prior to Michael's stocking them, we've had to source them from frame shops and online retailers. And because it's being offered at Michael's, you can use a 40% off coupon and suddenly it is a very affordable tool. Oh and did I mention that it's PINK? The old guns were red and yellow and not at all attractive!
So after reading about the pink guns, I decided to stop in and at my local Michael's just to see if they had them. And lo and behold, there they were piled up in a cart ready to be shelved! (I think I heard heavenly choirs of angels singing and a bright light shining down from above on them). I, of course, had to get one.
As soon as I got it home and opened the box, I realized it was pink. I mean, really, REALLY pink. Like almost neon pink. Not my favorite pink at all-I immediately thought, "this just needs some toning down". So I got out some pink themed Making Memories paper tape, because let's face it with 4 boys it will never see a layout, and got to work "toning it down".

I think it looks fabulous! Now, I just have to talk my dad into making a stand for it! :)

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