Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bazzill In Stitch'z

Let me start this off by saying I have the utmost respect for people that can sew. My mom was a professional seamstress; I am in awe of people with that talent. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I have trouble sewing buttons on correctly; let alone stitching in a straight line. So, when sewing on paper became a trend, I stood on the sidelines watching. I loved the look but knew it wasn't something I could do.

Until, I saw the Bazzill In Stitch'z products at my Archiver's. Hmmmnnn...maybe I could sew!

Each piece is sold separately: the piercer, mat, case, templates, thread, etc. At first, I purchased just the template. I used my paper piercer and my cutting mat. It worked okay but I realized the In Stitch'z mat would make things a lot easier.
Eventually, I bought the piercer, the mat, the carrying case, 3 templates, and 2 sets of threads. (All with 30% off coupons at Archiver's).
Each piece runs between $3.99-$9.99. They can be purchased at most online scrapbook retailers, Archiver's and many LSS's. I have not seen them at Michaels, Jo-Anns, or Hobby Lobby.

 How It Works
Using the mat as a base, place your cardstock on the mat, overlay one of the templates onto your cardstock. Use a paper piercer to pierce holes through the template into the cardstock. Simply, thread your needle and stitch along the holes.

Viola! Cool hand stitching without a sewing machine or skills!

Why It's So Cool
-No sewing experience required! Woo-hoo!
-Thread that matches Bazzill cardstock perfectly
-Dozens of templates with 12" designs, handwriting fonts, words, card sentiments and more
-Relatively affordable when combined with a coupon
-Because it's sold in pieces, you can build your collection over time

I love this product! As soon as I finish the circle layout I will share it here. Join me tomorrow when I share a fun mini-album using Fancy Pants Design papers.


  1. Hi, Christina. Cool product!! Thanks for following my blog ;o)

  2. Any chance you want to sell this stuff years later? I can't find it anywhere.