Wednesday, March 4, 2015

moments inked planner-unboxing {scrappy shopping}

I was super excited when I first heard about the Moments Inked Planner by Papertrey Ink. I read every blog post I could and watched all the YouTube videos I could find. And then I placed my order.
And I waited. And waited.
It took about two weeks to arrive. Which was disappointing, BUT I think a one-off because I ordered right in the middle of their annual anniversary sale (aka their busiest time of the year). So I'll give them a pass on the delay.
The planner arrived today and I wanted to share my initial reactions from my unboxing.

When you purchase the planner you have to buy a cover separately. They arrived in a box-the planner was securely shrink wrapped and the cover was loose in the box.

I immediately put the cover on my planner.
Love this color combo-makes me happy just looking at it.
The coil is rather large but it's very flexible and I don't feel like it will get in my way at all. The planner overall is MUCH smaller and more portable than anything I've ever used. I really happy with the "petite" ness of this planner. It feels perfect in my hand!
Oh, you guys, the paper. It is soooooooo nice. It has a slight texture feel to it. It is really the nicest paper I have ever seen in a planner. It's such a huge difference from other planners. I won't show you every layout in the planner but I do want to show you a few that I thought sets it apart from other planners.
The beginning of each month has a full page quote. Love this.
Monthly spread (I've already started adding a few stickers here and there...)
Weekly spread (similar layout to Erin Condren Morning, Afternoon, Evening layout, just smaller)
Daily pages. Oh, can we talk about how much I love these daily pages. Full color daily pages. With everything I've wanted in a daily page for as long as I can remember, DREAM. COME. TRUE. And, yes, each planner comes with monthly, weekly, AND daily pages. LOVE. :)
The back of the planner has address pages (so pretty), notes pages, and a year in review.

I am so beyond happy with this planner. It really has exceeded my expectations on first impression. I will give a full review after I have been in it a month or so. But for now, I'm in planner bliss.
Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or want to see more photos. I was in no way compensated for this post-PTI has no idea I am writing this and probably doesn't even know who I am. I'm just a crafty momma who likes to be organized.