Tuesday, April 8, 2014

blog redesign means...

I might just come back to this space and start writing again. :) I have loads of layouts waiting to be photographed and lots of posts written (in my head). Just need to schedule the time to type it all out and get it all uploaded.

So glad I walked away for awhile, it was desperately needed. I actually stayed away from all things scrapbooking (message boards, websites, stores, EVERYTHING) for about 3 months. I did stay updated on some of my scrappy friends via Instagram and Facebook but for the most part, I totally disconnected. I felt good.

I found that when I slowly started to returning to message boards and peeking at websites (still haven't returned to stores!), I could care less about the latest and greatest. Whew. And I decluttered and destashed a TON. I still feel like there is too much-thus the "no store" rule but I am getting to a much better place with simplifying. It feels good. I feel good.

I know my layouts will never earn me a spot on a design team, on a website or in a magazine (wait, do those even exist anymore?) but I love the community I formed with other women online.
Can't promise I will post 2-3 week like many of you - super women!-but I will post as often as I can. I'm okay with that-in fact, I won't feel guilty at all about that. I work full time and I'm raising four awesome young men. They get my time before anyone or anything else. But, I love writing, so when there is "me" time available, I'll spend it here. I feel good about that too.

So, there it is. Where I am right now. I feel like I am in a much better, happier place than I was last year. It feels good.

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  1. Yay! I love the blog redesign. I hope you come back, I love your layouts. And I'm so glad that your break made you feel better :)