Thursday, November 14, 2013

why so serious {a scrapbook layout}

My son, Jarron HATES having his picture taken. He used to love it. He'd grin and pose and make silly faces. Now that he is almost a teenager? Not so much. He rarely smiles and usually hides from the camera. Which is a bit frustrating for me, because I know someday he's going to regret not being in these photos.
So I couldn't resist poking a little fun at his constant serious demeanor when the camera is around...

Loving triangles and fun patterns right now. Everything with the exception of the cardstock is from Echo Park.
On a personal note, I might have some big career news to share with you guys shortly. I'm working on something-a new direction for me, still in marketing but that will hopefully bring my life in a better balance. Sometimes you need a little push to make a change and I feel like lately, I've been getting great big shoves. I should know more Monday-if you think of it, please been in prayer for me. (It's my last step in a LONG process...)

Have a great Thursday!