Thursday, October 24, 2013

christina needs {fun stuff}

I forgot to download the pictures I took of my layouts this weekend. Oops! So rather than go dark all week, I thought I'd post something fun instead.

Go to Google and type in your first name and the word "needs". Then make a list of the top ten links. Feel free to add your own commentary.

For me I typed "Christina Needs", these are the links I got: *
*I am not posting actual links because some of them may have questionable content...

1. Does She Need Help -- in reference to Christina Aguilera (sometimes, it seems like she does)

2. Needs A Makeover--also in reference to Ms Aguilera (Yes, yes she does)

3. Grey's Anatomy, What Christina Needs--(I no longer watch this show, for me it jumped the shark about two helicopter crashes and a train collision ago, but super excited to see someone besides Aguilera make the list!)

4. Help Staying Upright--in reference to, yes, you guessed it, Christina Aguilera (girl's got issues)

5. A New Stylist--in reference to Christina Hendricks (hey, a different Christina! And I totally disagree here-CH always looks amazing.)

6. Help Walking--oh, Aguilera (Get it together, girl.)

7. A Bag--Ms Aguilera (Really? She can't even walk...)

8. A bra--Aguilera, AGAIN (This seems personal to me.)

9. Nine Things She Needs to Stop Doing--Aguilera (Well, we have about 8 of them here, apparently.)

10. A Stylist--This time it's Aguilera that needs the stylist (and a bag, a bra, help staying upright, walking, jeesh...she does need HELP).

So what did I learn from this?
A-The internet has a LOT of advice for Christina Aguilera.
B-She's a hot mess.

Happy Thursday, friends! I'll be back next week with some scrapbooking fun. :)


  1. Poor Christina A. I love her voice though!
    On the new season of the Voice she definitely seems toned down, so maybe she followed some of that advice (lol)

    I did my name and actually learned some things about law and transporting students with special needs. Pretty cool actually!

  2. That's cool! I tried it with my name and all that came up was porn :-O

  3. OK....this was a seriously fun post and when I think of Christina - I always think of the movie "Burlesque"....she looked amazing and that voice of hers just never gets old....girlfriend can belt it! Hopefully, the hot mess part is fading!