Monday, January 7, 2013

this boy {a scrapbook layout}

I'm a pretty lucky momma-I have four handsome, kind, smart and funny young men that I get to call my sons. They are alike in many ways and different in many ways. My 8 year old, Jackson, is the one most like me-both in terms of appearance and temperament. He's my only brown eyed boy-with big brown eyes that will melt your heart.
He's more serious than his brothers-very, very much a "rule follower". His teacher tells me he is a leader in his class and that his classmates look to him for cues on how to behave.
This boy...I'm just so proud of him, I can't even begin to express it.

So thankful for this boy in my life.


  1. what a great photo! love the layout!! i have this collection but i have yet to open up the pack! LOL!! love yours

  2. Jackson sounds like a wonderful boy! He's adorable too.
    I love your layout of him. Love the colours and all the word strips.

    Don't you love being the mother to boys?? I do. I have three of them but they are pretty much grown up now. I miss the days when they were younger and would snuggle with me.

  3. How sweet!
    Like Mary Pat, I have the collection pack, but still haven't used it!
    Thanks for the inspiration to break it open :)

  4. Beautiful photo and layout....we are so lucky to be boy mamas!

  5. What a beautiful layout, and your words about him are so sweet! He is lucky to have a mom that is proud of him and not afraid to express it!

  6. Love the masculine richness of this page! TFS!

  7. I LOVE this layout Christina! He's such a cutie :)

  8. You ARE a lucky Mommy and they're lucky to have you, too!