Wednesday, October 3, 2012

this moment {a scrapbook layout}

I am very lucky to have pretty amazing parents. My mom and dad are two of the best people in this world. They have taught me so much-how to be independent and strong, how to love and give, how to be a friend to those who need it. They are always, always there for me. No matter when or where.
And now they get to be amazing grandparents to my four boys. They love this job more than anything-spoiling their grandsons. They love being with them, and my boys love their Nana and Paps so very much.
When Moose was 6 months old, I snapped a photo of my dad and him reading a book together. It was just one of those moments you want to hold onto forever. When I think about the relationship of my parents and my sons, I think of this moment.

Capturing moments and stories like these...this is why I scrapbook.


  1. Sweet, sweet page!!
    I love how you used the word stickers.
    I am learning how wonderful it is to have the support of my parents :)

  2. oh that photo is just priceless!! super job and i love the jillibean!!

  3. This is an amazing layout! The picture of your son and dad is amazing. What a fabulous moment to scrapbook!

  4. Definitely a sweet, scrappable moment. Love the papers you used to scrap this and the quote is so perfect!

  5. that is the best reason to scrapbook. It's all about precious moments like this.
    Wonderful layout.

  6. Love this page, all the little embellishments are my favorite part!