Wednesday, October 31, 2012

thanksgiving 2010 {a scrapbook layout}

Happy Halloween, my friends!
I should be sharing a Halloween layout right? Nahhhhhh...I'm working on Thanksgiving and Christmas layouts. :) I got a ton of crafting done last weekend. {10 double page layouts done-what?!?} AND I have pulled together all of my materials for my "holiday mini"-not calling it a december daily because I don't want to jinx myself!

Wanted to share a Thanksgiving layout with you today-with a sketch, I've been using a lot lately. Probably because I've been using a lot of 2x3 photos. I love fitting 8-10 photos on my layouts-that's what scrapbooking is about for me-the photos and the story.

Side A:

Side B:

Faux stitching on the patchwork {because I'm hopeless with a sewing machine}:

Lots of Christmasy fun to share with ...coming soon. :)
In the meantime... for those you you who aren't Facebook friends or follow me on Twitter...

The crew from Trunk or Treat last night {my boys and their cousins}

AND the best pose of the night from Halloween photos....

You're Welcome. :)


  1. super layout and i just love the instagram photos! very fun

  2. Love the faux stitching and the superheros are too cute!

  3. Love how you fit so many photos on your layout, love the last pose lol

  4. The faux stitching looks great! The smaller pics are a nice way to fit more photos on there. :)

  5. Love that you like to use a bunch of pictures...I do as well, but I think we are in the Great layout!

  6. Great 2-pager! I love to create layouts with lot's of photos when I have tons of photos from an event. Usually I just have one or two photos, but that will never stop me from scrapbooking them on a one pager!! :) I love the smaller size of photo you are using. Makes it easier to fit so many on the page. Great Halloween photos too - that's a great looking group!

  7. This is a great layout! I love that you were able to fit so many pictures on there!

    Trunk or treat looks like so much fun! I hope everyone had a great time!

    Happy Halloween!

  8. I love all the squares of patterned paper, everything fits perfectly on that layout! Love the pics of the boys!!

  9. Loving this 2 pager! Great mix of fonts and I love how simple it is with so many photos! Great Halloween pix too!

  10. Love the smaller size photos and patterned paper squares!
    And yay on getting so many 2pagers done!!
    Looks like a fun Halloween :)

  11. Love the page - beautiful photos in that too and the halloween ones are priceless LOL :)