Thursday, August 2, 2012

winner, winner, chicken dinner {a scrapbook layout}

The Moose is a video game genius. He's only 3 but he knows how to turn on the Xbox, find his favorite game and load it up. The other night we saw him surrounded by all four game controllers. He was playing a game with all 4 characters by himself. So funny.
So it was no surprise that when we went to The Web Entertainment center for one of Jackson's friend's birthdays Moose immediately headed for the video games.
For some reason he really liked this Spongebob game. It's a game of chance, where you try to hit the buzzer just as the light hits the Jackpot square. Moose walks up swipes his game card, looks at it, hits the buzzer and wins the jackpot. He does this twice more. 3 jackpots in a row. By this time there was a crowd around us and Moose wanted to play something else. It was funny watching all the teenagers try to do what my 3 year old had just done. None of them hit the jackpot. He decided he wanted to play one more time and hit the Jackpot again. The teenagers clapped for him. He didn't care though. He knew that he had enough tickets to get a BIG prize. And he did. A big stuffed dog.
We've been joking that we plan to take him Vegas.
We often say "Winner, winner, chicken dinner" at our house. And when I saw this chipboard ribbon in my Studio Calico kit, I knew exactly what I planned to do with it.

Can I tell you how much I love these wood veneer letters?? SOOOOO much.

I even got to use a few of the extra tickets from his win on this layout. :)

On my last post I had a comment about the Counterfeit Kit blog-oh wowzers. Totally spent an hour looking at that yesterday. I have a fairly large stash, so I'm going to try to play along in August!


  1. Love how you reinforced the theme with the fun embellishments.

  2. What a fun story! Love the papers you used on this! If I still "regular scrapbooked" instead of "project life scrapbooked" I would try the Counterfeit Kit thing too!

  3. This is such a fun page! My brother is like Moose, he is great at those games. Fortunately, he was really nice and always shared his tickets with his game-challenged sister!