Friday, August 24, 2012

winner buys dinner and it's not too cold {a scrapbook layout}

Winner buys dinner! {Kidding!}
We have a winner in my 111th post giveaway and it's Katie!!!

Yay! Congrats Katie-email me at christinalakes at gmail dot com with your info and I'll get your prize pack out to you ASAP. :)
This week has been insanely busy. My boys started school, work was crazy, and I started my own business. {Yup I'm a tad insane, at times.} I'm hoping things will slow down and we can settle into a groove here shortly.
I wanted to share that double page layout I promised a few days ago. Last February, we got a ton of snow and it was very cold. One day the temperature got all the way up to 30 degrees. Down right balmy. So the kids couldn't wait to run out and play.

Kind of a long title but I like it. ;) "It's Not Too Cold To Play Outside"

They stayed outside that day for about 15 minutes before they realized that 30 degrees is, in fact, a little too cold to play in. :)

Have a great weekend friends!!


  1. Congrats on your new business!
    And cute layout!
    I think long titles are fun :)

  2. Congratulations on your new business! The title is fun and the red and kraft is such a great color combo!

  3. Congrats to Katie and congrats on your new business!! Isn't it funny on those really cold snowy winters how the kids can't wait to get out and play? Great two page layout. I love the placement of your four pics.

  4. Thank you so much! I'm going to email you right now!

    I love the new business!!! I think some of those items will be making their way onto my Christmas list :)

    That is so funny that the boys wanted to play outside when it was so cold! Although I don't blame them, after being inside all winter I'm itching to get outdoors by February (and then I want to come right back in for hot chocolate!)