Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i bee-lieve i can fly {a scrapbook layout}

As a rule, I'm a pretty conservative mom. I don't let my boys do crazy things like skateboard off insane ramps or jump off the roof into the pool or anything remotely X-Games ish. However, every time we see the Euro Bungee set up at a mall or outdoor festival the boys beg and plead to have a go at it. And I usually relent, for everyone except for our little guy, the Moose. He's too small for that nonsense. But last summer, we went to the movies with my sister in law and she convinced me that it would be fine. The ride operator seemed responsible. {not so much}. He strapped my tiny little toddler in and let him fly. And boy did he fly. He just about hit the ceiling. In a 3 story mall. I kid you not. I was FREAKING out. The ride operator was texting. Moose was squealing with delight, "Momma, I FLYINNNNNGGGGG!"
Yup. You sure are.
He lived. And I scrapbooked it. :)

Still using my Studio Calico kits. Honestly, I'm almost kind of bored of them-but I'm determined to use them all up at this point. I'll have to post a tally when I finally finish them of how many layouts I did.

The bee motif works well with the subject, don't you think? :)

Managed to include the story and everything, yay me!

I'll be back Thursday with a crazy hair layout. {No, not me!}


  1. Ha, I love the pun in the title, and the gems in the hexagons. I'm glad he had fun and was ok! x

  2. I love the bee title and the honeycomb pattern together! I'm totally with you about not letting my kids do crazy things - when I was a nanny, I was definitely strict about things like that. I'm such a klutzy person, I'd be afraid that the kids would be as klutzy as me and get hurt! I just hope AJ never tells our future kids about how he used to ride BMX bikes, I don't want them getting ideas in their heads!

  3. what a super fun title!! love all the hexagons!! i am a careful mom too!

  4. Super cute title and page! I'm freaking out just reading about your experience. Oh my!

  5. What I cute layout!! The title is just perfect :)

  6. Christina, this made me laugh because Abie was always wanting to do that thing too! We finally let her, but told her she had to spend her own money on it ;) Great layout! You have made a ton with that kit! That's what happens to me when i buy a6x6 pad,i feel like I need to use it all up, but I get suck of it.