Wednesday, August 8, 2012

forever yours, faithfully {a scrapbook layout}

When my husband and I started dating over 19 years ago, I knew a few things about him-he was kind, had wonderful manners, had the most amazing smile I'd ever seen, and he could make me laugh like no one else. I also knew he loved the band, Journey. At our wedding {almost 15 years ago}, I chose to have the song "Faithfully" play in the prelude, just as piano music, no words. It was my way of showing him the whole wedding thing wasn't just about me. It sounded beautiful and he knew right away it was from me to him.
It's amazing how far we've come. We've been through so much together, but it still holds true today-forever yours, faithfully.
Still using the SC kits {a seemingly never ending supply of materials}. I made the pinwheels using a tutorial on a blog I saw last week {super easy to do!} Wish I could remember where I saw it-if I find it, I'll post it.

Close up of those pinwheels:

And the cute heart embellie I made with a Heidi Swapp ghost shape and some bling:

Fun stuff!
I'll be back tomorrow with a double page layout that doesn't use my SC kits. {I had to take a tiny break!}


  1. love love those pinwheels!! super job

  2. Fabulous! The pinwheels are so fun and I love that you added different embellishments to each one. Great page! :)

  3. Very sweet!
    Love the pinwheels and wooden letters in your title :)

  4. The pinwheels are such a fun touch to this sweet page!

  5. I love that you played Faithfully for your husband in your wedding prelude! That was very sweet and thoughtful of you to do!

    The pinwheels on this layout are great. I can't believe how many layouts you've made with these kits, they really go far!

  6. A great page and loving those fun pinwheels!

  7. Those pinwheels are awesome! Love the story too :)

  8. Such a sweet layout.
    Great pinwheels :)

  9. Ahhhh, I love that song, and this post warmed my heart!! :) Congrats on sticking together!! :)