Thursday, July 26, 2012

the moose takes a stand {a scrapbook layout}

I'm determined this year to stretch my supplies. To NOT buy anymore patterned paper unless it's an excellent deal (like those Studio Calico kits the other day-those were great deals, hard to pass up).
Part of that goal is using paper on more than one layout and trying to use it as creatively as possible.
When I finished my layout about Moose needing his own space and about growing up boy, I had some of that TPC Studio Transportation paper left that was perfect for a one page layout.
Moose loves his Iron Man rain boots. Whether it's raining or not, he loves to wear them. And he will wear them with the silliest outfits. I took a photo of him in the rain boots, a white T shirt, and jeans with his arms crossed and posted it on Facebook with the caption "The Iron Man Boots are a strong yet sensible choice. The Moose takes a stand." My friends and family thought it was hilarious.
And now it's a scrapbook layout. Because if it's FB worthy, it's scrapbook worthy. :)

I have a ton of letter stickers to use up, so I used a variety of those in different colors to create my title. Thrifty, thrifty.

There you have it-using my supplies up. How do you stretch your supplies?
Be back next week with more layouts and fun...inching closer to my 111th post and a super fun giveaway!


  1. oh my golly those photos are just too cute! great page! i just love capturing those moments and scrapping them

  2. Your little boy is just so those little crossed arms!!!

    Great layouts and great to use up your bits of paper.

  3. omg your little one is so dang cute. That photo is priceless. totally great way to use up all those letter stickers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is just too cute! Such a fun mixed title. When my DD was about your son's age, she loved wearing my husband's boots. It was a riot.

  5. Cracking up at the pictures! How funny! Great way to stretch your supplies. I've got several 6x6 paper pads that I need to use up right now, before I can buy anything new.

  6. This is so funny! I love the way you used lots of letters for the title! I'm trying to stretch my supplies too. All my "extra" money (um, is there ever any extra really?) has to be saved for the wedding, so I'm trying not to buy too many more new supplies! I'm a big fan of using scraps of paper to create backgrounds to stretch the patterns!