Tuesday, July 17, 2012

growing up boy {a scrapbook layout}

I seem to take a lot of photos of our youngest son, who we call The Moose. He's just kind of a ham-he's always grinning and trying to get our attention by doing silly things. He's also ALL BOY. Climbing, running, jumping, you name it, he does it.
So, I wasn't too surprised to find a ton of photos of Moose in my Instagram order. While I was sorting them, I realized a collection of them would be a nice way to illustrate what it is to grow up a boy in our household.
This is my very first double page layout using Instagram photos exclusively.
I love that I can fit so many photos on my layout to tell the story.

Not a lot of extras here-some Joann's dimension stickers in a playground theme and TPC Studios Transportation patterned paper. I used a vellum quote for my title/journaling.

This one is all about the pictures-in this case they really tell they story. :)

Riding his bike, bugging the fish {"knock, knock, fishies, it's me Moosey, are you awake??"}, putting hair gel in his hair, playing his DS....

Grinning that Moosey grin, dressing up, and doing sidewalk art...just all part of growing up as a boy.

Love that Instagram helped me capture moments that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to.

Tomorrow, I'll share a layout featuring Instagram and regular prints.


  1. Such a sweet collection of pictures. You really captured the spirit of your son's personality with the fun colors and tilted photos. :)

  2. what a fun layout and the photos are just too cute!

  3. Love that you put all of these on one layout! They look great and he is too cute!

  4. This is such a fun layout.
    He is such a sweetie.