Thursday, July 19, 2012

fiddlesticks {a scrapbook layout}

My oldest son, Bryce, loves lacrosse. He lives and breathes it. It's funny how about a year ago, he didn't even know it existed. He signed up for the lacrosse instructional league at our local YMCA and he turned out to be a natural. He just picked up a fiddlestick (that's a beginner lacrosse stick) and instinctively knew what to do. Pretty cool.
He plays for his school's team now and is a starting middle linebacker.

A year ago, I took a couple of Instagram photos at his instructional league. I sat down the other day and created this layout to document his story. How he went from this league to where he is now.
He's grown a lot in a year.

I wanted the title to be "fiddlesticks", like the beginner equipment they use. But I didn't have enough brown Thickers. No worries. I'd just cut some with my Cricut. You know, that large expensive piece of machinery I seldom use.
Oh my. What a pain. A little backstory here-I had a Silhouette a few years ago, but I hated being connected to a computer, so I sold it. Thinking {incorrectly}, that I would frequently use my Cricut since it was in my craft room.
So, I turned on the Cricut, looked through my carts, and settled on a font from the Robotz cart. Did you know that on a shape cart like Robotz, you have to look through the little book it comes with to find your letters {unless you've memorized the qwerty keypad-which I haven't}? Yeah, I didn't know that either. It took me a good 15 minutes to figure that out. Then once I typed them in I realized the display wasn't reading "F" "I" , etc. but "robot 13" "robot 16" and so forth. Sigh. I couldn't even check to see if I had all my letters. Ridunkulous.
But wait, it gets better. {Not really.} I loaded up my paper, Core'dinations Cardstock, and ran it through. It looked like it had cut. But nope, not so much. I had to run it through TWICE more on a deeper blade setting.
My letters looked kinda like poo.

I should have really redone them but I had already invested a good 30 minutes in them, so I was done.
Seriously considering selling all my carts and buying another Silhouette. What do you guys think?

Ohhhh...and I bought my very first Studio Calico kit this week. I got it for a steal at Plum District-only $15. What?!? Go check it out. I ordered mine Tuesday and it will be at my house today. Woo hoo!

Can't wait to play with it!


  1. Great layout!!! And have fun with your first sc kit! :)

  2. very cute layout!!

    i have had my silouette for almost 6 years now and i love it- i still don't even know how to do all the features LOL but i can do the basics and i love it!!!!! i upgraded to the cameo this year and use it on almost every layout. i had the first batch of cricuts that came out and i never like it. so i say save and go back to the silhouette! it is soooo much easier! plus you can pick what images you want etc.

    very cute layout!

  3. I had a Cricut and sold it last year. Given the choice now? I'd choose a Silhouette. :) Great layout and a great milestone to document.

  4. I also am a huge Cameo fan! :) But ... we ALL have little issues sometimes with our layouts - I tell on myself all the time. I never would've noticed the letter! GREAT layout!!! :)

  5. What a great story about Bryce! He looks so confident in that first picture, in the red :)

    As for the Cricut...I had the first one and then sold it to buy the Expression. I don't use it a lot, but when I do, I have to make sure I have a really sharp blade and I have to use certain paper. Sounds like a lot of conditions, right? I don't know if any die cutting machine is perfect though. The Silhouette always scared me because of the computer thing. haha!

  6. I'm sorry you had such a terrible time with your Cricut. I have one too, and had similar problems yesterday, I had to cut something three times to get it actually cut. Then, I loaded a new color of paper for a different embellishment and it ripped right away. It took another three tries to get it right! Ugh! I never had a Silhouette, but I also have the eclips from Sizzix. I don't have any problems with that one. There is no book, everything shows up on the handheld screen and you just scroll through until you highlight the picture you like and then it cuts it out. Plus, instead of choosing a depth, pressure, speed, you chose what type of paper you have from a list and they set all that for you!