Sunday, January 8, 2012

december memories {a mini album} and project life progress

it's done! my december memories mini is done. so happy with how it turned out. as i mentioned in previous posts, it's super simple-just kraft, patterned paper and photos. oh, and the stories behind the photos. captured. recorded. preserved for my boys to look at. yay!
i won't bore you with tons of pages but here's a few:
the cover after adding some binder rings and ribbon {everything looks better with ribbon!}:

and some of the interior pages:

the last two pages {my favorite december activity-the christmastown event at the creation museum in bullitsburg, ky}:

so glad i did it. i'm also feeling really good about the progress i'm making on project life.
here's a better picture of my title page:

and here's my journaling cards all done and ready for my prints {ordered and waiting for me to pick up at WalMart tomorrow}:

i need to decide if i am going to print weekly or every two weeks because i'm thinking a weekly trip to wally world is going to get real old, real fast-however, they are the only place that prints matte finish on the same day machines and i don't want to pay for shipping.

so my questions for my fellow project lifers-how often are you printing? and where?

check back later this week, i'll be sharing how i went from this:

to a totally finished 2011 year in review album {it's also finished!!!! what!?! you know that's right!}

happy monday kids!


  1. great december mini!!

    your pl looks great! i still don't have anything yet--i guess it will come this week and then i still have to order the page protectors- can't wait to get started.

    i am going to keep my journaling in my notebook and then I am going to print my pictures once a month. we shall see how that works out.

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! Love that mini!!
    I had the same dilema about how often to print when I did my DD. I made a once and sometimes twice-weekly trip to Walgreens, which I can stop by on my lunch hour pretty easily.

    PS: I responded to your comment on my blog from earlier today. :)

  3. Cute, cute, December mini!!
    And every time I see a Project Life title page, it makes me wish I had tried it this year :)
    So cute!

  4. Your December Daily turned out great, I love the kraft pages. You are on a roll this year, aren't you? I just finished my title page today and have post its stuck all over my week one, waiting for prints and journaling! I think I'm going to work weekly on my journaling and title cards and just print once a month. We'll see though :)

  5. Love your December Daily!! I plan to print weekly and may try to use my Selphy....but I've never loved the darker images on it when printed so we will see.

  6. I love your December, and I agree, everything does look better with ribbon! I can't wait to see your Project Life! Seeing everyone's awesome start makes me I'm feel a little bad I didn't do it this year!