Monday, December 12, 2011

the redesigned december daily {it's now a christmas memories album!}

So yeah. 12 days in and I have kept up with my Dec Daily exactly 50% of the time. Sigh. I knew this would happen. I do have some lovely photos to show for it. {Which will be incorporated into my NEW mini.}

{my son, jackson, picking out a santa hat for his school play}

 {christmas decorations in our family room}

What's the new plan? A mini album of 25 Christmas memories inspired by this blog post by the uber talented Lisa Day. I just wish I'd read that post BEFORE I made my 6x6 pages. Sigh. Those divided page protectors are awesome. Oh well, there's always next year.

In other news, as you all know I'm huge fan of a good deal and there's a new deal site in town. Blitsy is for members only and has great craft deals-$19.99 for the same ATG gun I got at Michaels. {I had to use a 50% off coupon to get it at that price!} Every couple of days they have a new deal posted. Fun stuff!

And finally, I did it. I bought the Project Life Core Kit in Cobalt for 2012!
 {photo from becky higgins' blog-isn't it lovely? can't wait!!!!}

I know what you are thinking. "Christina, you can't even keep up with a December Daily, how on earth will you keep up with Project Life?" Ahhhh,  but I am not planning on taking a picture a day. I'm going to organize my PL album more loosely-more like a week at a time. I take a lot of pictures in a month and letting go of the expectation of taking one picture a day is really what made me want to do this.
I'm a Project Lifer. :)
Happy Monday!


  1. I love the idea of DD, but I knew I couldn't keep up with it either. On to more exciting news... I just ordered the Clementine Core Kit and am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!! I'm taking the same approach as you, not a picture a day (I'm not insane) but more like a week or even a month at a time. I'm so inspired by all the PL pages out there and am really hoping this gets me back into scrapbooking!

  2. Love that you took what was not working and turned it into something that will work for you. I try not to get hung up on the "daily" aspect of PL too. If I skip a day or two (or a week or two) it's OK. I don't stress or worry, I just pick up the camera when I think about it and keep going. I think that the success of the project has so much more to do with your attitude and expectations than it does with actually recording the stuff and putting it all in the album. Sounds like you are thinking about it in a way that WILL work for you! :)

  3. Don't stress...I think you could still make your DD a great project, even if you don't get a page completed everyday. Just enjoy the process.