Wednesday, November 16, 2011

all boys {a scrapbook layout}

Have I ever expressed how lucky I am to be a momma of 4 boys? How thankful I am to be raising a houseful of young men? Recent events in our neighborhood {girls bullying other girls, makes me soooo angry!} reminded me of how lucky I am to be dealing with the non-drama of sports, consuming massive quantities of food, and a lot of random wrestling.
I love being a mom of boys. Of these boys. They are amazing and funny and kind.
And sometimes I need to stop and remind myself of that.

Yup, there's no pink or purple in this house. And that's okay. Because I've come to love the blues, grays, and greens these boys have brought into my life.


  1. oh i love this with a the squares! love it!

  2. Love this layout! All those squares are so fun! I know what you mean about girl drama, not necessarily the bullying, but definitely the drama :)

  3. Love this post:) So great to just be happy with exactly what you have, instead looking over at what you're missing. And those are some cute boys, mama!