Thursday, March 31, 2011

The One with My Big Idea

Well, hi there.
My name is Christina. And I scrapbook. And blog. Occasionally. {Apparently.}
I'm not sure why but this winter has been a tough one for me. I've had a lot going on at work and at home and I just haven't felt motivated to write. At all. And that makes me sad. But I'm getting my "groove back". I'm finding myself WANTING to write blog posts again. Jotting down ideas on napkins and in my little notebook that I carry in my purse. So here I am.
And today I'm sharing my big idea.
It's not very original. {I freely admit that.}
You see, every year we get annual passes to our local amusement park. {Kings Island for those of you familiar with the Ohio area.} And every year I take a gazillion photos of us at KI. And yes, gazillion is a technical term. So what do I do with those photos? I end up with at least 6-10 layouts a year just of KI photos. That seems like a lot for our family album.
So a couple of weeks ago at scrapbook night, I had a big idea. Why not have an album for the KI layouts? Who says you have to have albums just for holidays, and chronological stuff?
So I sat down and created a title layout for that year's photos.{2009-I'm a little behind.}

Each year will use the same color scheme and patterned paper line {in this case-Bo Bunny}. I cut all of my strips of patterned paper to 3 inches and each layout will have a uniform look. The cardstock will be one of three colors all from the same manufacturer {C'oredinations} or kraft cardstock. I will bring in some variety using embellishments and lettering.
For this layout I used Jillibean corrugated letters and some MAMBI bling stickers. Fun stuff-and let's face it going to King's Island is this family's idea of fun in the summer. I really want this album to reflect that.

And a little look at how some of the other layouts in the album will look:

I have all of my King's Island pictures printed out and ready to be scrapped-I love the idea of getting them into a fast, simple album that my boys can look at again, and again.
Happy Thursday!


  1. very cute layout! oh do i love kings island! cant wait for it to open. we have season passes again this summer. it is so nice to just go for 2 hours and then leave!

  2. Cute layout! I loved Kings Island when I was a kid. I keep telling my hubby we're going to have to take a trip up there just to go.